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Marcy Rothenberg's Letter to the Editor was  published 11/10/2017 in the on line Los Angeles Daily News

Cannon’s column loaded with misrepresentations
Re “From Russia, With Malice (Carl Cannon, Oct. 29):
To echo the GOP’s Patron Saint Ronnie R., “Carl, there you go again.” Another Sunday, another Carl Cannon column laden with misrepresentations that again conveniently fails to allude to the obvious fact that undercuts his core argument: the Clinton campaign merely took over an existing opposition research contract that was first inked by a right-wing web organization and a wealthy conservative donor to “dig up dirt” on Donald Trump during the GOP primary.

And, as for his stretched-to-the-limits-of-credulity claim that “virtually everything Clinton and her surrogates have said about Russia and Trump … has been either a direct falsehood, or a lie of omission” — he may want to revisit that claim if special council Robert Mueller’s indictments are any indication of the truth about Trump and Russia.

In the end, Cannon’s nonsense about Clinton’s supposed “lies of omission” comes across as the very same projectionitis to which Trump is so addicted.

— Marcy M. Rothenberg, Porter Ranch

​             Marcy Rothenberg's Letter to the Editor was  published 9/17/2017 in the on line Los Angeles Daily News
Dreamers' limbo isn't the Democrats' fault
Re: "Democrats' DACA dishonesty" (Carl Cannon, Sept. 9)
Nowhere in Carl Cannon's lengthy, tortured attempt to place blame for Congress' failure to pass legislation to protect America's Dreamers does he acknowledge a key legislative fact: the "poison pill" he says was inserted by Senate Democrats could have been removed if the GOP-controlled House had followed the Senate's example and passed its own version of the bill. But they refused to even bring it up for debate on the House floor, killing the opportunity to take legislation to conference for compromise and approval of a final bill.

Cannon all too conveniently forgot to share the final chapter of this legislative saga.

Marcy Rothenberg
Porter Ranch

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