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​             Marcy Rothenberg's Letter to the Editor was  published 9/17/2017 in the on line Los Angeles Daily News
Dreamers' limbo isn't the Democrats' fault
Re: "Democrats' DACA dishonesty" (Carl Cannon, Sept. 9)
Nowhere in Carl Cannon's lengthy, tortured attempt to place blame for Congress' failure to pass legislation to protect America's Dreamers does he acknowledge a key legislative fact: the "poison pill" he says was inserted by Senate Democrats could have been removed if the GOP-controlled House had followed the Senate's example and passed its own version of the bill. But they refused to even bring it up for debate on the House floor, killing the opportunity to take legislation to conference for compromise and approval of a final bill.

Cannon all too conveniently forgot to share the final chapter of this legislative saga.

Marcy Rothenberg
Porter Ranch

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