Our current short-term focus: 

  • Support regulations under attack and their impact on human life. Example: Interior Department’s “Stream Protection Rule” required coal companies “to avoid mining practices that permanently pollute streams, destroy drinking water sources, increase flood risk, and threaten forests.”
  • Follow action or lack there of that could be damaging to clean water.

(as of March 16, 2017)

  • 31% decrease:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • impacting 20% of current work force (upwards of 3,200 employees)
    • impacted EPA Programs: Energy Star, Superfund sites, air-quality monitoring, and cleanup of America’s most iconic bodies of water, including the Great Lakes, Puget Sound, and Chesapeake Bay 
  • 16% decrease:  Department of Commerce
  • 13% decrease:  Department of Transportation, targeted cuts for Amtrak and local transit agencies
  • 12% decrease:  The U.S. Department of the Interior; mostly from eliminating funding to acquire lands for conservation while boosting funding for energy development—both offshore and in protected places such as in national parks and wildlife refuges.
  • 18% decrease: Department of Energy; including a $900 million cut to its Office of Science

Be Informed

Take Action

Reduce your carbon footprint:  (1) plug leaks in your home insulation, (2) install a smart thermostat, (3) switch to more efficient light bulbs, (4) turn off the lights in any room where you are not using them, (5) drive fewer miles by consolidating trips or taking public transit, (6) buy an electric or hybrid car, (7) put solar panels on your roof, (8) waste less food, and (9) eat less meat.

Call your elected official
SAMPLE Script:   “I strongly urge you not to cut the EPA's budget, which will severely impair its ability to fulfill its mission to tackle climate change and protect clean air, clean water and our health.Aggressive cuts to Obama-era green rules to start soon: EPA Head

Environment:  We must resist the Trump administration’s agenda on policy reversal and harmful legislation affecting all life on our planet.

We will focus on the administrations elimination of regulations that impact public health for this and future generations.  The administration denies climate change, wants to revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and has nominated to the Supreme Court a man who wants to empower big polluters, oil companies and their lobbyists.

We plan to work together to identify necessary urgent action items as well as championing long-term goals for the betterment of the world we live.



Trump "blueprint budget" Impact on the Environment