When writing a letter to a Editor

  • Keep letters short: 150-200 wordsProvide all contact info in signature (name, address, city, email, phone number)
  • ​In email subject line, quote headline of the news item or editorial you’re commenting on
  • Submit your letter the same day a news item/editorial appears

Example: "Someone on the White House staff ought to stick some post-it notes on the fun house mirror in which Donald Trump admires himself, reminding him of all the United States would lose if he were to wage an economic war with California, the world’s sixth-largest economic force and America’s top GDP creator. If Trump starts playing games with California’s economy, we Californians will have no problem selling our cornucopia of products and services to other nations and keeping the billions of dollars in annual revenues those sales produce right here in the Golden State. We and our public officials will be only too happy to protest the fact that, as a net tax donor to other states — paying some $356 billion a year to the U.S. Treasury while receiving just $217 billion in federal funds — California is being treated unequally by the U.S. government. "- {Name}

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